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 Fortress Wales 2015


  • I am still developing and building my personal site dedicated to my photography, this section is still in developement and I will be listing a range of services I offer, please contact me using the contact form if you have an enquiry and would like to discuss it further.
  • Come back soon to check on the progress and updates. 
            1. Sporting events
            2. Family events and portraits
            3. Beauty and Model Shoots
            4. Editing and Printing
            5. Video Editing and Mastered to DV
            6. to be continued and updated.
 Spring Tide

The Severn Bridges

See my collection of images from all sides of both bridges and from varied locations along the coast.

 Penarth pier long exposure.

Long Exposures

Penarth Pier is always an intersting visit, with the high tide and sea front it allows for a lot of control.


Sunsets & Sunrises

I love the early mornings and late nights exploring the oppertunities, these are such magical times of the day.

 The Ragged victorians at Caldicot Castle

The Ragged Victorians

The Ragged Victorians are an amazing group of people who are growing annually and their ability to recreate the victorian era. See their website for more details. 

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